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"Love" Therapy - Writing Samples

These writing samples are taken directly from the chapters that are written in the actual documents. There are different writers for the routes, so they will have slightly different writing styles, so giving you a quick snip-it may be beneficial to you.

Prison Break doesn't have a writing sample, as his path hasn't been written yet. I will update once it has started, so feel free to check regularly if you want a preview of his route, or you just want to get to know the writing style. Another thing to keep in mind is that some of these are modified slightly.

Alex Blau  (written by: OnchoPoncho)
I remember the documents Marilyn sent me about all the residents in the asylum and start rummaging through my bag to find them.

Ada: "When I'm done with him, I'm going to have him at my feet, bowing down to my superior, sheer intellect!"
Ada: "Where'd it go..."
Ada: "Ah-ha! Here it is: Alex Blau."
Ada: (... What a stupid name: Blau. Did someone choke on something while trying to say 'blouse' or something?)
Ada: "Let's see here..."
I flip through the surprisingly thin file.
Ada: "Something useful... anything useful... Oh?"
Ada: "It says here that he's the same age as me..."

That's unexpected.
I thought for sure, from my first impression of him, that the pompous mutt would be much older than me.
I pause in the middle of the sentence and look around me.
Everyone, including Alex, stares at me as if I'm some sort of a dangerous murderer.
It's not a very pleasant feeling, considering that these people are the notorious criminals here.

Ada: "...? Is something wrong?"
Anna: "Ah, no, no. Nothing's wrong!"
Prison Break: "It just isn't everyday that we see a masochist who's so open about it."
Anna: "Prison Break!!"
Ada: (Ma... maso... Did he just call me a masochist?)
Shin: "..."
Ren: "Well, I can't completely disagree with Prison Break here..."
Alex: "Shut up."
Alex: "You and I don't share anything in common. Don't act as if you know me."

Anna Cecil (written by: Selebus)
Getting over my rather irrational behavior toward a picture, I get back to the task at hand and start looking over the folders.

Ada: (Prison Break, Shin Fukui, Alex Blau, Ren Blau, and -- oh, here it is -- Anna Cecil.)
Ada: (Cecil, huh? At least someone in this place has a normal name.)
I double-click on the folder and open up several other subfolders inside. Of course, none of them were properly labeled.
Ada: "Hm... I guess this folder is just a bunch of Anna's general information and old pictures. I might as well start from the beginning, right?"
Ada: "... and for these reasons, I have decided to choose Anna."
No one is surprised.
Prison Break: "Good. I would have killed you anyways."
Alex: "I expected as much. I hope you two can get along well."
Ren: "Hmph, figures."
Anna: "Can you promise that what I'm about to tell you won't change the way you think about me?"
Anna: "I don't know if I would be able to handle that..."
She was shaking.
If Anna wasn't terrified of being touched, I would reach out to her and hold her to calm her down. But knowing that might send her into shock again, I decided against it.
Ada: "I promise. You have my word."
Anna sighs deeply and closes her eyes before beginning to tell me her story...

Prison Break (written by: crystalscm)
Anna: "What's so funny?"
Anna tilts her head to the side, furrowing her brows. I would have done the same thing if it weren't for my shock right now.
Prison Break: "Nothing much."
Despite his reply, he grins maniacally. His eyes glitter with an eerie excitement.
Alex: "Okay, then. So you choose him of all people."
Ada: "...?"
I am confused by Alex's words, but I don't push him any further. It doesn't seem like he wants to talk about it.
Anna: "Well, off you go! Oh, and Adabelle! If something goes wrong or if you need help, just yell and we'll come running!"
Alex: "Correction: you'll go running. I'm not going to help her every time."
Ada: (Prison Break, do me a favor and go die in a hole. And never come back again.)
Anna: "Aren't you two going to have another session?"
Ada: "It's the weekend."
I point out in a matter-of-fact manner.
Anna: "Oh, is it?"
I not silently. I feel a slight pang in my chest; it pains me to hear that they don't even know what day it is because they've been staying here too long.
Prison Break: "So it's the weekend. How about we do some... stuff together?"
He grins. It sends a shiver down my spine, and I back away from him.
Anna: "Ooh, me next! Umm... 14! That's Prison Break's age!"
Ada: (Oh yeah, I almost forgot...)
Ada: (Prison Break is the youngest here, isn't he?)
Ada: "14 is 8, 8 is 5, 5 is 4."
Ren: "Are you sure you're not just spouting off random numbers?"
Alex: "She's not. There's a pattern: 5 always leads to 4."
Ada: "That's why it's called the Lucky Number 4!"
Ren: "99."
Ada: "99 is 10, 10 is 3, 3 is 5, 5 is 4."
Alex: "10 is always 3."
Alex makes yet another great observation.
Anna: "Prison Break, why don't you try it out? It's pretty cool!"
Prison Break: "Psh, no it's not."
Despite his response, I can see his eyes glitter with some interest.
Ada: (... He's totally lying.)

Ren Blau (written by: kikaharu)
I look back at the clock. It's been half an hour since I asked Ren about himself and he hasn't said anything. Nothing at all! Ugh... Okay, Adabelle, got to change it up. While patting my cheeks, I figure out what to do.

Ada: (Ah, I know!)
I rustle my hand around in my pocket and pull out a piece of candy. I was saving it for later but I think right now it has a better use.
Ada: (Goodbye, my last piece of candy.)
Ada: "Ren, would you like some candy?"
I ask while holding it up.
A gleam flickers across his eyes, but he doesn't respond.
Ada: (Hmm, I think I caught his interest.)
Ada: "C-Cecilia! Argh, can you get off me?"
Cecilia: "I was so surprised to see you. Haha, it's been a while. Oh jeez, I'm so happy to see you."
Cecilia: "Sooo!!"
Cecilia: "HAVE YOU MET ANY BOYS?!! OHH, I bet you have. AHHH, you've got to tell me who they are!!!"
Cecilia: "Or maybe you like Paul."
Ada: "What! No way. Haha, Paul is a great guy but we are just friends."
Cecilia: "Ooh... rejected."
I don't really hear what Cecilia says but she had a pained expression before it went back to her happy face.
Cecilia: "Sooo?"
Ada: "What?"
Cecilia: "DUH! The BOYS. Tell me about the BOYS!"
Ren: "I AM NOT A KID!"
Ada: (What!? Did I say that part out loud?)
I stare at him while he is yelling.
Ren: "Don't ever call me a kid!"
He growls at me. Physically, he starts to shake while walking towards me.
Ren: "Kids are weak. You think I'm weak? Haha..."
He says with a distorted voice. I stand up as he inches closer while laughing.
Ren: "I'll show you how weak I am!"
He yells before springing onto me...

Shin Fukui (written by: crystalscm)
Marilyn: "Anna told me that you agreed to choose one of them at noon. So, make your choice. Which one of these people do you want to help?"
Ada: "I've thought through it last night. I want to help Shin."
Shin looks surprised to the point of speechlessness. The rest recover from their shock and comment on my choice.
Shin: "..."
Alex: "Well, this is certainly a surprise. Although, I think it would be safe to say that it wasn't a pleasant one."
Ren: "Well, it's none of my business."
Prison Break: "Hahaha! I wonder how everything will turn out! I bet she won't even make it a week before she gets beaten to a bloody pulp by Shin!"
Anna: "Well, either way... We all wish you luck!"
After Anna says this, she bangs Prison Break on the head. Hard.
Prison Break: "Ow! What the hell was that for!?"
Anna: "I told you numerous times to either say things that are appropriate, or shut up."
Shin shrugs. It seems like he doesn't care one way or another. With a smile on my face, I hold his hand. Shin stiffens and widens his eyes in shock.

Ada: "Just deal with it. I don't want you to get lost around the large city, that's all."
Shin quietly nods, and relaxes a bit. I start walking down the sidewalk, passing by different stores.

Shin: "... Pretty."
I turn to where Shin is looking, and I see him looking at a necklace. It isn't very expensive, but indeed, it is pretty.
Ada: "I agree, it is. I'm surprised it's not more expensive, though."
To my surprise, I see Shin nodding in my peripheral vision.
Ada: (Is it just me, or is Shin starting to open up to me?)
Ada: (... No, I think it's just me.)
Ada: (There is no way that Shin would just open up just like that in a few days.)
Ada: "Do you remember what happened last night?"
I murmur, and Shin nods his head meekly (and maybe guiltily) in response.
Ada: "Listen here. I want you to forget everything. Everything that happened last night."
Shin doesn't face me, but I can tell he's listening from the slight movement he makes.
Shin: "... Why do you forgive me?"
Ada: (Why?)
Ada: (That's a good question.)
Ada: (It's so good that I don't even know the answer.)
Ada: "Who knows. It'll make me feel better if I do forgive you. Besides, you could've done worse."
Shin: "..."
Shin doesn't say anything, but it seems I've gotten my reason across, because I see for the first time...
A true smile.
That first time...
might also be the last.

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"Love" Therapy (WIP)

"Can you show me..."

Majoring in criminal science and minoring in psychology, Adabelle Earlson works around the world as a therapist for the "criminally insane". One day, she has been requested to go to an asylum meant for the severely insane and for those who have killed others as a part of enjoyment, simply called the Dale Asylum. She's then asked if she can help one of them have a "second chance".

However, considering their mentally insane status and their constant urge to kill others as a source of enjoyment, Adabelle is putting her life in clear danger. She accepts, knowing the risks, but she also accepts not knowing the results...

"... what 'love' is?"

Main Character & Bachelors
  • Adabelle "Ada" Earlson: An academic prodigy, she wanders around, taking requests in order to support herself and make money. She ends up falling in love/befriending with one of the world's most infamous killers... Her fate lies in your hands.
  • Prison Break: Known to be one of the youngest yet deadliest serial killers at the age of 14, he pleaded guilty for torturing and murdering at least fifteen families before being caught and sent to the asylum. He claims that he doesn't have a real name... but is that really true?
  • Alex Blau: Calm, enigmatic, and insane; he has the full potential of driving anyone insane to the point where his victims commit suicide. He claims that it's enjoyable to watch others go insane in front of him, but he does have his reasons.
  • Anna Cecil: Being bullied since a young age, she became a killer with the sole purpose of helping others who were bullied. She was eventually caught and sent to the asylum, but the strange thing is: she never complained one bit.
  • Ren Blau: Alex's younger brother; he was almost killed by his brother. Before being sent to the asylum, he killed innocent people to at first bring out his hatred and revenge towards his brother, but he eventually found enjoyment in it. Due to this, many fear him.
  • Shin Fukui: He is quiet, and a little timid. However, he is only quiet because he doesn't know a lot of English (his native language is Japanese). He's shy, but he is known to be one of the most infamous killers: he has killed over 100 people before being caught...
Supporting Characters
  • Marilyn Johnson: The manager of the asylum who has a sharp eye on the inmates. Although she physically appears weak, she definitely knows how to punch some sense into the inmates... using both her fists and her words.
  • Paul Riven: A good friend of Adabelle. He tries to comfort her when she experiences difficult things. He vows that- no matter what happens- he'll always be the one to protect her and keep her safe.
  • Cecilia Lu: Adabelle's best friend, but she's into any type of matchmaking. Cecilia constantly asks Adabelle of her status, which annoys her so much that she wants to punch Cecilia, but they are still best friends nonetheless.
Game Features
  • Each bachelor contains 15 chapters. The 15th chapter will branch out to a different ending depending on the choices you make.
  • Obtain a total of 15 different endings (3 endings per character: good ending, normal ending, and bad ending).
  • Enjoy a total of 20 CGs (4 CGs per character; 1 for Good Ending, 1 for Normal Ending, and 2 within the story).
  • A total of 15 menus per character, 1 per chapter.
Trivia/Other Notes
  • This is partially based on creepypasta, and also based on a story that a friend of mine came up with.
  • Prison Break won't have romance, as he is five years younger than Adabelle. He will undergo a change though.
  • Anna's story has yuri, but there is also a PG13 version if you are uncomfortable as well.
External Links
LemmaSoft - Recruitment Thread (currently in need of GUI artist, Video Editors)
Audition for Voice Roles (deadline: July 1st, 2016)

Adabelle - Character Design (by: silveth)

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